#BookReview – After you fell

  • Author – J.S Lark
  • Publisher – Harper Collins UK
  • Pages – 400
  • Subjects – #mystery #Thriller
Thank you to Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources and Harper Collins Uk for my copy of the ebook.

As one life ends…. Louise Lovett’s death was a tragedy. But questions still swirl about exactly what happened to Louise that day. Did she fall or was she pushed?

A new life starts… Helen Matthews’ donor heart saves her life. But as her new life beats inside her, Helen feels the pull of its previous owner – despite what everyone is telling her, Helen is certain she has one final message to pass on.

And a dark obsession begins… as the lives of Helen and Louise become ever more entangled, Helen obsession gets increasingly out of control. And the fragile new life she has built begins to fall apart.

Well … what a surprising band enthralling story this was… I didn’t really take to Louise at the beginning of the book, I didn’t really like how she acted and felt .. I guess I just couldn’t connect with her at all ..

Helen however I connected to straight away, she did come across as an older lady to me until she stated her age and then I felt a little silly and embarrassed… kind of like how a shopkeeper may feel when they ask someone for ID that is more than old enough but looks younger.. I loved how connected Helen felt to the owner of her new heart and I loved the sixth sense she had … I do have a little myself but nothing like her.

This book most certainly lives up to its tag and is most certainly a thrilling and mysterious read.


2 thoughts on “#BookReview – After you fell

  1. Hi Ally,

    Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts, it makes such a difference for authors to have people take the time to read and talk about their work. I thought i would share a little something that I always think back to when I judge the age of characters. When my Grandma was ill and really not feeling well when I was in my 30s she spoke to me as though she was the younger person. That was the first time I really realised that people reach a mental age and never grow beyond that. Memories and experiences of the world you live in differ for generations, but emotional thoughts don’t tend to which is a princple I’ve applied in historical books. That’s why, I think, unless someone tells you an age you often don’t know the age if there is nothing generational to define it. So that’s something for me to think about, do I say earlier. But with Helen I did deliverately leave it open to let people read her as themselves 🙂

    Thank you again,



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