#BlogTour Buried Sins

Thank you to Anne Cater for my spot on the Blog Tour and Dark Edge Press for my copy of the Ebook.
  • AUTHOR – Louise Mullins
  • PUBLISHER – Dark Edge Press
  • PAGES – 250

When Carys returns to her childhood home, inherited after the death of her father, she is shocked to discover the bones of an infant buried in the paddock. Days later, DI Locke’s team uncover the remains of a missing girl, sparking vivid memories of the day Carys was abducted by the shadow man. While the evidence against her father mounts, Carys recalls more of her past. And each new revelation provides DI Locke with the proof she needs to close the case of several girls disappearances. Sometimes the past refuses to stay buried.

This book was such a great read, the story follows Cary’s and her family in the unfortunate events that occur after her father has passed away and she inherits his farm. Cary’s was never close to her dad, as you learn very early on in the book… and I was intrigued instantly as to why this was, and this plot line keeps you hooked all the way through the book, only giving snippets of what happened in her childhood as to why she was so distant from her father.

Very early on in the book Carys finds bones buried in the farm while she is busy sorting things out ready for the sale, and this turns her world upside down and round in twists when she starts to have memories of her childhood come back and she had no idea if these were real memories or fake ones conjured because she had no recollection of her childhood at all.

With each chapter of the book you learned something new and more disturbing about what really happened when she was younger and it will leave you only wanting to read more. To find how this all comes together and just like Carys to get to the truth of who her father really was.

I was drawn in by Carys and her family straight away, each character seeming very likeable and just like a normal happy family dealing with a bad situation. This was the family Carys had made for herself. The family she was born into however was a very different life for her and both of her parents were the complete opposite. Straight away the impression of Bryn, her father wasn’t a good one, but then again his daughter hated him so he was never off to a good start but it wasn’t long before he really started to creep me out and I had the biggest feeling of why, his daughter hated him so much… and as for her mother, well I never liked her from the offset, she wasn’t a likeable character but she wasn’t a terrible person and well she loved only fools and horses, so she definitely needs a few points in her corner for that one.

Then there was Gwenda, the fathers little helping hand as he got ill, I honestly thought she was a sweet little lady helping out a neighbour but I was so wrong, she was probably the biggest twist in the story for me and it was definitely an OMG moment.. and it was an incredibly written little twist to the plot…. and instantly became my favourite character and my favourite part of the book.


I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves a good thriller with a few twists to keep them on their toes. It was a consistently great read throughout, with a brilliant plot and storyline… and definitely a good few I did not see that coming moments

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