The Accident – Book Review

  • AUTHOR – C.L Taylor
  • PUBLISHER – Harper Collins
  • PAGES – 400
  • SUBJECTS – fiction, mystery

A gripping psychological thriller about the deadly secrets your child can keep ….

Sue Jackson had the perfect family but when her teenage daughter Charlotte deliberately steps in front of a bus and ends up in a coma she is forced to face a very dark reality.

Retracing her daughters steps she finds a horrifying entry in Charlottes diary and is forced to head deep into Charlottes private world. In her hunt for evidence, Sue begins to mistrust everyone close to her daughter and she’s forced to look further, into the depths of her own past. Sue will do anything to protect her daughter, but what if she is the reason that Charlotte is in danger.

This is an amazing fast-paced suspenseful read. I love how the story starts off fairly slow, giving all the much needed details to base the story. I love how the chapters alternate between the now and how her past, it is like reading two stories in one.

My first impressions about the characters …

  • Janes – seems like a dream come true kind of guy
  • Sue – kind of bugs me
  • Brian – boring

The story starts off big about a secret she has read in her daughters diary and that is the reason she must have tried to kill her self, Sue her mother is adamant she tried to kill herself due to this secret and at the beginning I found Sue very annoying. Slowly the secret behind the accident starts to unfold and become more and more intrigued and before long you find their is more and more secrets and drama that had surrounded her before the accident.

Suddenly I start to find myself connecting more and more with Sue and start to feel sorry for her when she goes to visit her mum in the home who is dealing with dementia, and as well as having to deal with her daughter in a coma in the hospital. No wonder she starts to go a little loopy.

My favourite part of the book is the diary entries from when Suzy (sue) is with James, it starts off as such a budding romance with a very too good to be true kind of guy. At first the relationship is amazing and it’s all fun and sex … you are happy for Suzy .. she is a very likeable character, James is too at the start but then he slowly starts to come out of his shell and he becomes less and less likeable. He turns into some possessive delusional weirdo and you suddenly find yourself hating him. He is the worst type of boyfriend.

As you get further in the book, the stories entwine them self in the worst possible way as Sue’s past comes back to haunt her in the worst way possible imaginable, it is definitely an OMG moment when the penny finally drops and you can’t help but feel sorry for everything Sue has been through in the coming weeks to this discovery. This is definitely the book for you, if you like fast paced mystery novels.


now for a little bit of fun!! BOOK CLUB QUESTIONS

As Sue searches for the truth behind Charlottes accident she realises she had no idea what was going on in Charlottes life. Was that her fault or Charlottes, or is it normal in a mother/teenager daughter relationship? Now I am not a mother but I do have a step daughter who I met as a fully fledged teenager. My step daughter practically tells me everything, but I am not her mother, and I think if I was her real mother she wouldn’t tell me anything. Just like I didn’t tell my mum anything at that age. I think it’s normal behaviour for a teenage girl to not confide in or even like her mother at that age.

The novel alternates between the main storyline and Sue’s diary entries from fifteen years earlier. How effective do you think this works as a literary device in this novel. I found it very effective, it gave the novel a brilliant OMG moment when the stories entwined themselves later down the line.

Brian lies to Susan several time’s throughout the course of novel. Was he justified in doing so, or should he have been completely honest with his wife? He should have been honest with her, I did start to think Sue was a little loopy but she really wasn’t and I felt so horrified for her and what Brian put her through when she knew something was not right.

There are several clues in Sudan’s early diary entries that James is controlling. At what point did you notice the warning signs. At the beginning, when she was in the bar and he went to get the drinks and she lit a cigarette. I found his reaction to this really weird seen as they had just met, yes non-smokers can be a little abrupt about smoking but not so early in a relationship it was definitely a red flag in my eyes.

How does forty-three-year-old Sue change over the course of the book? She becomes more likeable. At the beginning I found her a little annoying and then you read everything she goes through and has to deal with and you start to connect more with the character and feel sorry for her.

Sue doesn’t want to go to the police because she doesn’t think they’ll take her seriously (because of a PTSD episode) at which point would you have gone to the police? Very very late on, probably even at the very end. Unfortunately with where I am from I have very little faith in the police and without hard evidence they won’t do anything at all and will just log the incident.

Susan are’s a mirror of her relationship with James in Keisha and Danny’s relationship. Is she justified in being concerned? Yes, if you suspect anything untoward happening you are always justified in being concerned just as Sues friend hels was concerned for her with James

Could young sue’s friends and co-workers have done more to help save her from James. No I doubt it. The person in the relationship has to have the strength and will to want to leave and I think the more people push you while you are not in that place the more you stay with the person.

What do you think would have happened if Charlotte would have woken up before Liam admitted to then sleeping together in Mike’s house? The secret would have not come out and Charlotte would have been in more danger than ever.

Susan didn’t turn to her friends for help during her search for answers. Why do you think that was? They would have also believed she was delusional and needed professional help.

At the end of the novel when Susan and James face each other in Charlottes hospital room, Susan asks if he ever really loved her. Do you think he did. Yes I do believe he r lived her more than anything, and that’s why he was so controlling and horrible. He was scared to loose her and that’s how it made him.

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    1. It’s amazing.., that’s how I discovered cally Taylor and then went and purchased all her other books, I have already read most of them but wasn’t a blogger back then so decided to re-read them so I can post my reviews. She is extremely talented

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