Stories to read by candlelight

  • AUTHOR – Jean Lorrain translated by Patricia Worth
  • PUBLISHER – odyssey books
  • PAGES – 84

Stories to read by candlelight contains eight stories first published in the 1980’s by the french author, Jean Lorrain, translated here into English by Patricia Worth.

Jean draws the reader back in time to his provincial childhood when his grandmothers seamstress would tell him stories that gave him goosebumps and made him jump under the covers. Here he recounts these same stories, or invents new half-lived half-dreamed stories born of objects found in an attic or an old house. The characters have a mythical quality, weather they be fantastical beings who long to be real, like the embroidered princess or real people like Madame Gorgibus accuses of being a wicked fairy. The stories fall between legends and fairytales, a genre favoured by a few decadent authors protesting against realism and regretting technological progress.

Firstly I would like to thank Henry for my copy of this book.

The book is about stories from the childhood of the author, stories he was told as a child that Chilled him to the bone. He explained each story and how it affected him as a child,

Unfortunately this book wasn’t quite for me, I felt there was more descriptions of how it affected him as a child than telling the actual story itself. The beginning of the book I thought started off really well, I was intrigued after reading the introduction and enjoyed the first few stories. They made me think of stories told by the campfire while camping. A bunch of kids all sat scared telling there own scary stories. After the third story, that’s when there seemed to be a decline in the book.


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