Stephen king

What is wrong with me??? I have tried so hard to get into a Stephen King book…. I have tried quite a few

  • IT

Now I would Stephen King is one of the most successful…. well known authors of our time. Everyone knows his name wether it be from his writing or the film adaptations .. I love a lot of the films that have been made from his books and I’ve always wanted to get into his books too … I’ve tried reading them numerous times, thinking maybe just maybe it’s not the right time to start this book, I’ll pick it up another time but each time I come to it … it’s still a no.

I bought Misery last week, it’s one of my all time favourite films … I could watch it over and over but I can not get past the first chapter. My head seems to spin when I try to read his books, I find lack myself lacking concentration and having to go back … especially when two conversations are intertwined or one conversation and someone thinking.

I actually feel like it is a right if reading. It’s Stephen King. But I can’t .. I have tried to read IT well over a few times but I am just so bored before I even get to the third page. Surely I can not be the only one who feels this way?

6 thoughts on “Stephen king

  1. I was absolutely obsessed with him when I was in high school but his books are quite a slow burn honestly. ESPECIALLY IT. It’s massive and really disturbing. I really enjoyed and still enjoy Salem’s Lot. His short story collections are pretty good too such as Night Shift, Different Seasons, Full Dark No Stars. The Shining was also a favorite of mine! He just might not be for you and that’s always okay too!

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  2. I seem to have mixed reactions to his books so far… I love some, while others leave me unimpressed. I found IT to be way overlong for example. xD Have you tried The Shining yet? That is probably my favorite King so far.

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