Review: The taking of Annie Thorne – C.J Tudor

REVIEW: The Taking Of Annie Thorne – C.J Tudor

WOW just WOW!! I’m not even joking when I say this deserves so much more than five stars. This is my favourite read … like ever!! My new favourite book.. it was just amazing, incredibly written, fantastic plot and storyline even the font of the writing was well thought out and easier on the eye than the majority of the other books I have read ….

the characters were very well written.. didn’t have a favourite as the two main characters .. joe and Stephen well .. how creeped me out, from chapter two he seemed a little creepy .. you didn’t know what his game was and he just seemed so wrong in many ways even though by the end of the book you realised he really wasn’t … very much so as Stephen as it happens, he came across like a Malfoy type of kid but then in the end he actually wasn’t as bad as you thought.

This book was like a constant cliff hanger over what actually happened to Annie and what was it exactly that was happening again… it may seem a little bit daunting that a full book is a cliff hanger but it wasn’t, it was beautifully written and as you get further and further into the book and find out what actually happens it turns in to like some next exorcist scene. This is the closest book to actually scare me, it didn’t quite but I think the movie would keep me on edge if portrayed right and I hadn’t already read the book, because I can guarantee now this will be a film!!

I would recommend this book to everyone of you thriller readers out there … I actually don’t know if I want to pick up another book just now because I don’t think I will be able to find one that comes quite so close to being this good. Really!!

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