Survivors – Maggie Oliver

This isn’t so much as a book review rather than a full overview on the main subject.

The book was very powerful and very well written … it was the truth, I felt it was the truth even though it does differ slightly than how the drama three girls was shown. I believe Maggie even though the world doesn’t but now it is very apparent that this is to the fault of GMP.

Maggie Oliver is a hero in books already, after reading Girl A and watching the Three girls drama. This subject is very close to home as the events happened in the town where I live.

I am so glad Maggie has finally decided to speak up and write this book and out GMP or Rochdale police more prominently for what they are… cowards. They let the grooming continue in Rochdale for so long because they were scared of being branded a racist. I knew it all along and my partner always said no it’s not that. Now it has been confirmed in writing.. yes maybe it’s just another opinion the same as mine, but the attitude of the police still hasn’t changed to this day.

Going back to the three part drama the three girls that showed that Sara rowbotham was the hero .. she has won awards and moved up the chain ladder in her work due to all her hard work etc yet it wasn’t her, and it was Maggie all along who fought for these girls and what did she receive in return the loss of her job. This has annoyed me more than it probably should have to be fair but Maggie was dealing with her own grief while pushing and fighting for these kids while all the while some people were just reaping the benefits.

I’m sure anyone reading this book will see Maggie deserves some kind of I dunno pride of Britain award or something for standing up to a huge organisation for what she believed in and making a stand, if only it had made a difference but unfortunately the police today are still as bad and as uncaring as they were back then. They don’t care about the public, not in Rochdale. You ring they don’t come out, they hardly even ring you back. It is absurd.

The police branded amber a madam and made her look like a bad guy and this was taken on by the public and they saw her as being a ring leader to all it all as well.

The police are very powerful people so why on earth are they not using this power for the good like they should be???

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