Review: Twisted by Steve Cavanagh

This will be my last book. I won’t write another. The reasons should be clear by the time you come to the end of this story. That’s an interesting word – story. Is this a true story? Is it a memoir? Or fiction? I can’t say. You may have found this book on the true crime shelf, or in the thriller section of your local bookstore. It doesn’t matter. Forget about that. There are only two things you need to know:

1. On my specific instructions my publishers have not edited this text. There have been no editorial notes, structural edits or other outside interference. It’s just you and me. 2. From here on in, don’t believe a single word you read.

#thisbookistwisted indeed. Today’s review is going to be fairly basic because I really don’t want to reveal much about the book for anyone who has not had the pleasure of reading it yet. This book definitely deserves ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. No doubt about that!!

The chapter lengths were absolutely perfect, it was fast paced, interesting and racey from the very start.

The characters were brilliantly written. I think each of the main characters became my favourite at some point in the book,

The book was absolutely amazing, no doubt about it. Mr Cavanagh definitely has some raw talent!!!

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