The life of running a rescue

I have no time to read today 😢 a day that was supposed to be nice and simple has turned out to be hectic .. because I was due to be up all night waiting for the cat to return and I had my driving lesson booked for 12:15 today I only had two dogs booked in work at 2:30 and should have been home by 4:30. That never happens for me.

So late last night a stray dog came to us that was found roaming the street, a beautiful little shit tzu. Her owner was aware we had her and due to the lateness said she would call us this morning, we didn’t hear from her till half two this afternoon and she told us she would be with us within half an hour, by five I had finished my days work and we was still waiting for the owner to turn up! 😡. Fuming, not only that this owner was taking the complete piss out of us but clearly she didn’t care for her dog enough to come and pick her up, by this time we decided to ring the animal warden and get a 28 day retainer on her so she could remain in our care.. A. Until the owner decides she wants her dog back or B. Until the 28 days are up when she is legally ours. This poor girl has a very poorly eye and is suffering bad with glaucoma.

I hate this owner for not caring about her dog. She was advised last night that if she didn’t want her dog then she could sign her over to us. It is going to cost £720 for her eye to be removed, yes that’s how bad her condition is. The owner doesn’t deserve her dog, 😤. Anyway after the animal warden left we took her straight to the vet and then before we got home we had to pick up a poorly magpie and finally I got home at ten and I have to be up at seven in the morning out and ready for a meeting at 9.

So no time for any reading whatsoever ever tonight. I hate it when this happens. I feel like I need a little bit of reading time or it throws me off right into a bad mood. 🙈

So yeah I am unhappily not reading and heading of to bed now.

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