It’s going to be a long night!!

Well I run a rescue and I have 5 rescue cats that live at my dog grooming shop and one of them has escaped while I was having a new back door fitted. She has been out since Friday but keeps coming back early hours of the morning as spotted on camera so we have decided to sleep at the shop tonight which means plenty of reading time for me which is such a good thing for me right now.

I have booked my theory test for next month and so I have to revise for this everyday and the only time I get to do this is during my reading time 😱 so not ideal when the book I am reading at the moment is getting really good. So tonight is the perfect time for me to sit and chill with the plea.. the second book in Steve cavanagh’s Eddie Flynn series and it has me hooked after only the first few chapters.

So we have located her … but she doesn’t really seem to want to come down. This will most definitely be a long night I think. My little scardy cat narla will not budge 😢

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