Hi πŸ‘‹

So I’ve decided to try my hand at blogging … my blogs will mostly be about books, reading and book reviews. Guess what I love reading. I am πŸ’― new to all this so please be gentle with me. ☺️

So I guess I’ll start off by telling you all a little bit about me, well I’m Alyssa, I’m 32 and I’m married to the love of my life. I run a dog grooming salon and also a small home based rescue. I currently have 13 dogs a pig and a cat at home 😍. Yes I have a pig and no you don’t want to get one, they sell them as micro-pigs but they NEVER stay micro. EVER!!!

So yeah my life is pretty hectic, but very simple. Animals and books are pretty much my life. I don’t drink or do drugs, some my find it boring well maybe most but my introvert friends out there will agree my life is pretty perfect for me.

So I will read just about anything that is good, but I’m mostly all about thrillers I love being kept on the edge of my seat, I have recently been introduced to the brilliant Steve cavanagh and I will be doing a little book marathon on his work staring off with The Defence. So if you would like to stick around … give us a follow and I will let you all know how I found the book!! πŸ“š

7 thoughts on “Hi πŸ‘‹

  1. Put a tag line and blog name so that we can just click on it and it opens up. Check your settings.. Some of us blog and comment via the app. It tells me you don’t exist.. πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚


    1. I’m sure I have my site name is ally’s books πŸ“š and my tag line is welcome to my reviews … or am I looking at the wrong thing. The same thing happened when I tried to follow you back … it said it wasn’t there and I had to go into search to find and follow back


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